About Us

KIDS_TV_FINAL_1920_1080_PNGWhat do you get when you mix one part nursery rhymes & rhymes. One part kiddie music & educational videos. One part fun & parenting. And one part learning & activity into a mighty bowl of preschool? No, its not the Powerpuff girls. Or another animation or cartoon character. It’s a brand new world; a whole new experience for little babies. It’s the wonderful, informative world of Kids TV. Preschool years are the most important. Because the education children receive through these years is the foundation for tomorrow. But these years are challenging as well. Kids won’t take to learning if they are not entertained. Hence animations, cartoons and kids’ favorite videos need to play the dual role of edutainment. Kids TV is a one-of-a-kind YouTube channel that ticks all boxes; in terms of toddlers’ requirements. With us, if a child wants to sing along and dance to learn, they can. Or if they don’t want to sing but understand with the help of talking animals, they’ve a choice. Then there are some scary rhyming songs for the little brave hearts, too. In other words, here classic children’s nursery rhymes and favorite stories are brought to them the way they like, not the way it has always been.