“Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round” Popular Nursery Rhymes By Kids Tv

We were thinking about the best nursery rhyme. And the Wheels on the Bus was the first rhyme we discussed. So, what’s made the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round All Through The Town for so, so long? The answer is… The simplicity of the song. The lyrics of the original rhyme and all its variations are kids stuff really. So plain and easy that children learn the words quickly and sing along for fun. The music is melodious. Which makes kids dance and sway. The more they jump, the more playful the tune becomes. That’s some serious thinking to put into child’s play! We’ve put in some hard work of our own with this Wheels on the Bus. And we hope babies will keep this bus going through the town for the time to come. Apart from the bus, this nursery rhyme compilation will go on and on for an hour non-stop!

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