Finger Family | Wheels On The Bus | More Nursery Rhymes for Preschool Kids

The Finger Family nursery rhyme had us thinking. Babies use their hands to clap and do some dance step to nursery rhyme. So why don’t we teach them how to have some fun and enjoy a whole nursery rhymes using only their hands! It’s called finger play. And its done best with the Finger Family rhyme. Here’s how. First, they need to learn the rhyme’s lyrics. Because its about hand movements and singing going together. Then, they’ll have to ‘wave out’ and sing along at the same time. It’s like following the movements of the family they’ll see. Now, we’ll play one of our Finger Family nursery rhymes. To see how well you kids have understood our teachings! If they wish to carry on the finger play, they’re most welcome to try some of their own dance steps with the nursery rhyme compilation.

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