“Chubby Cheeks Dimple Chin Song For Kids”……. Learn More Nursery Rhymes And Educational Kids Video With Bob, The Train

Making Chubby Cheeks Dimple Chin with Bob The Train came to us naturally. We knew already how you babies will describe Bob. That he’s a really colorful, super playful train. He’s your professor fantastic! He’s your bestest friend! And he’s never short of playtime when he’s with you’ll! That’s to sum it up. But don’t you children want to know how Bob The Train would describe you’ll? Of course, you’ll do! We can see your excitement in the way you kids are jumping and springing around already! So let Bob sing his thoughts toy you’ll through this kiddie song. We also have a friend of his from the land of rhymes to do the actions while he sings. In his own words, he imagines you’ll having “Chubby Cheeks with a Dimple Chin! Rosy Lips and Teeth Within! Curly Hair, being Very Fair! Your Eyes are Blue, Lovely too! Your Teacher’s Pet, is that you? Yes! Yes! Yes!” Aren’t we super happy to hear what Bob thinks about us! Let’s sing and dance to this baby song in happiness once again!

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