Learn One Two Buckle My Shoe With Bob, The Train…

Bob The Train is a preschool on tracks. And we’re headed to Bob Station to do a bit of numbers learning. Some dancing. And a whole lot of One Two Buckle My Shoe! You kids know, the only thing routine with Bob is him spending time with us. To play. To teach. And help us grow. So when it was time to revise our numbers, he decided to make the nursery rhyme a little more exciting, by adding dance steps to it! The result is a rhyme we’re going to have lots of fun with! Wait! Little ones, we aren’t done talking yet! Our playtime isn’t limited to this nursery song! As behind this piece of toddler music, is a complete one hour fifty four minute long Bob The Train compilation! Now you’ll can go ahead and click the play button without any more talking and interruptions!

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