Bob, The Train – Rain Rain Go Away Song…

Who do we turn to for shelter when it rains in the land of rhymes? Bob The Train, of course! That is why Bob is is singing Rain Rain Go Away. So the down pour stops and we can play. Look at poor little Johnny! How sad is he! But, if the rain doesn’t listen to Bob, we can have our lovely train bring the fun and excitement indoors! We can jump and dance while Bob sings to us his nursery rhymes and takes us on adventures. We’re sure he give us couple of Woo! Woos! On this. After all, nothing matters more to Bob than happiness of you children. There kids! We’ve it covered. Now we don’t want to see faces dropping! In fact, let’s cheer up Johnny. Call him to play with us, too. As the outside world has its door closed, sit back in the comfort of your rooms and let Bob The Train lead you’ll into his world!

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