Wheels On The Bus!!! nursery song for preschool kids…

Kids TV is children’s favorite YouTube channel for nursery rhymes. It has tens and hundreds of videos dedicated only to the classic nursery song, The Wheels on the Bus. The Wheels on the Bus is a nursery song narrative of a bus’ journey through the town. The rhyme video in discussion shows the bus in bright purple. Some thinking has gone behind choosing this particular color. Bright colors are good attention grabbers, keeping the eye hooked on. And considering how short the attention span of kids is, to teach them, maintaining their interest in a rhyme is of utmost importance. Here, bright purple represents something fun and easy to do. Toddlers are up for anything exciting all the time, especially if it has their interest. Hence, attaching education to fun helps little babies learn this classic rhyme not only faster but better. Also, the bus making its way through a city is insightful (being a familiar and believable environment). Making the job of parents and teachers alike easier to make tiny tots grasp this baby song.

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