“Jack And Jill” the popular nursery rhyme for kids and children’s song

The tale of growing up with a brother or sister. Jack and Jill is the perfect nursery rhyme for parents to teach siblings together. The kid’s song talks about how a pair of brother and sister went up a hill to draw water from a well. Unfortunately, the brother lost his footing and fell down, so did the sister. They got up, dusted themselves and took the required water home for their mother to use in her chores. Later, when Jack was being nursed for his injuries, Jill laughed at him and got it from her mother for the same. The rhyme is a teaching on how sibling should be of help to each other and how they’ll be treated equally by the mother. Perhaps, when kindergarten masters want to inculcate the values of sharing and helping in toddlers, they can use the nursery song as an example of what to do and what no to do.

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