“Ring Around Roses” Kids Video And Nursery Song

The exciting world of nursery rhymes is where children sing, dance and have a lot of fun. But few rhymes are as thrilling for kids as Ring, Ring a Roses. After all, unlike other rhymes, there is a special way to ‘perform’ this nursery song. In essence, this rhyme is an outdoor group activity for tiny tots. One that they’re up for it any time. Perhaps, parents and playschool masters will be in a better position to answer about this kiddie time. It goes like this; first, little ones need to be arranged to form a ‘circle,’ holding hands with each other. Then, they begin singing their favorite song in its familiar tune and move around in the same circular formation, “Ringa Ringa Roses…A pocket full of poses” till the last line. . . . .And, everyone toddler in the group falls to the ground! Because its “A husha – A Busha, We all fall down”

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