Old MacDonald Had A Farm “EIEIO”…

The Farmyard. The Mary Greenfields. Old Missouri. Old Macdougal. Or as we know it, Old Macdonald. This popular, sing along kiddie song has evolved through countless versions. And like all its versions, the one know to us , Old MacDonald, has been making children happy for many, many years now. In fact, just a fragment of its lyrics, E-I-E-I-O is enough to get tiny tots jumping and dancing. About an old farmer who has domesticatedvarious animals on his farm, the nursery rhyme song teaches kids about different animal sounds. The educational and fun element of the rhyme helps it rank it in the top half of the all time favorites, as parents and preschool masters actively participate with babies, mouthing animal sounds to their utter joy. What’s more, during activity with toddlers, parents and kindergarten teachers have been known to change the animals in the song. To keep engagement and excitement among kids high

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