“Five Little Monkeys And Ten In Bed” Songs and Videos for kids…

Teaching kids can, sometimes, get difficult. As difficult as grabbing their attention. Until one day someone came up with the idea of nursery rhymes. And educating toddlers was no longer a task as preschool teachers and parent’s job became much easier. ‘Five Little’ and ‘Ten in the Bed’ are two rhyming song series that were created to help children learn counting. Basic numbers from 1-10. Otherwise known as 1-10 songs, these educational videos employ imaginative themes like ‘Five Little witches’ or ‘Ten Scientists in the Bed,’ with really simple lyrics and a catchy, playful music (to each tiny tot, their liking). Also, these type of classic nursery rhyme songs are also good examples of Finger play. Meaning, the sing-and-dance-routine to these kiddie songs can be done with hand movement’s co-ordinate with the rhymes lyrics, to engage children better and sustain their interest for much longer. The curious world of a child is what fuels such animations. From piggies, policemen and astronauts to snowmen and eskimos, where a baby’s mind can reach, is where the cartoons need to be!

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