Bob, The Train – teaching Alphabets A-Z in a fun and colorful way.

Bob, The Train

What do you get when you mix one part color & kiddie music, one part fun & activity, one part preschool learning & understanding, one part intelligence & smartness and one part motherhood & parenting into a mighty bowl full of top nursery rhymes? Any guesses? No, its not the Powerpuff girls. And it isn’t just another animation or cartoon character. It’s a brand new world; a whole new experience for little babies. It’s the wonderful, informative world of Bob. . . . Bob, The Train.

Bob, The Train was created in October 2013 by popular children’s rhymes YouTube channel,Kids TV. Bob is like a teacher in school whose class kids don’t want to end. In other words, Bob has helped bring kindergarten home. Making teaching as much simpler, even for parents. Bob’s views have already crossed the 200 million hits mark and are growing by the second!

Also, Bob is not just about nursery songs; there are many more interesting and entertaining videos like ‘the Visit to the Army Camp,’ which help toddlers learn beyond the alphabets ABCsand numbers 123s. In all, Bob has more than 30 videos (till now), with ‘The Adventure Series’and ‘Alphabet Adventure’ being the choice of little ones. Other than Bob, Kids TV’s wide range of channels have an array of rhyming songs and fun videos for children that promote creativity and curiosity. So through the foundation years of education, the child’s development is accelerated, enabling them to be prepared for the future in a much better shape.

3 thoughts on “Bob, The Train – teaching Alphabets A-Z in a fun and colorful way.

  1. Hello we are the family from Denmark would really to have a contact from you regarding the bob the train video to do a business and to help children who is not able to connect to the Internet, and perhaps also helping children from homeless to support them with schools and a home.
    Please contact us at this number: 004575754242 and this our email address we are looking forward to hear from you…
    Greetings from the family Boye 😊


  2. Hi my name is Sarah and I have been looking for someone to contact regarding bob the train, for 6months now I’ve tried a few ways Facebook, YouTube and now this lets hope third time lucky 😬 I live in Australia and 8 months ago I had my first child a little girl when she was first born she cried a lot and sometimes couldn’t get her settled so at 2 months old I turned YouTube on to see what I could put On the telly to settle her, and bob the train poped up so I selected it and from then on she was addicted to the colours as the music and even to his voice, for example when she would be in her car seat and crying all I would have to do is turn him on and listen and everything would be fine 😂😂 I found it really hard to get bob on a cd because not all the time you have acces to the Internet but we managed to downloaded it and got an episode on cd.
    she is now 8 months old and still obsessed with BOB. In four months she will be one and for her first birthday it will be bob the train themed and was really wondering if you could help me and let me know where I could possibly find ANYTHING with bob on it for her birthday. WE LOVE BOB but he’s really hard to get in contact with lol fingers crossed we get help this time.
    kind regards Sarah


    1. Hello Sarah Hawi, we are glad to know that your baby loves to watch Bob the Train videos so much. It’s the amazing feeling to hear it from the parents. Well, we don’t have a cd to distribute but we have our apps online called Kids First Android App and Bob The Train IOS App do download them, we are sure your baby will surely love it too. Secondly, yes we can give one good image of Bob the Train so that you can ask any bakery/cake shops nearby to engrave it on your favorite cake! 🙂

      “Bob The Train IOS App” Click on the link below:

      “Kids First” Click on the link below:


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