“Wheels on the bus”… Song for Kid’s and Chiildren’s

Wheels on the bus

Ah! That age, that age when school isn’t about books but singing and playing. Ah! That age, when education and learning doesn’t move ahead with tens of lessons or chapters but entertaining nursery rhymes songs. And one nursery rhyme that has been at the center of children’s fondness is Wheels on the Bus. Loved by toddlers, playschools around the world use its music and simple lyrics to get the tiny tots jumping and dancing, which helps in teaching better. Also, back home, such kids’ songs make for perfect bonding between parents and child.

Created in or around the year 1939, Wheels on the bus is inspired from famous British children’s song “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” and has gone on to become one of the most replayed kindergarten songs of all time. In fact, a famous YouTube kids channel, Little baby bum has come up with its own versions of the classic kiddie song; with compilations reaching hundreds of millions of hits worldwide. While there are others YouTube channels like ChuChu TV and Mother Goose Club, which are are not too far behind in terms of the hits generated. The best part? All this fun and excitement is not limited to native English speakers (top kids’ YouTube channels have language branches of their English channels to provide the same). Off late, another spin-off of the classic rhyme that kids have taken to is Wheels on the Train. Educational cartoon Bob, The Train has the first say when these search words are typed into YouTube’s search bar. In other words, Wheels on the Bus song has been an integral part of the preschool years for many tiny tots and by the looks of it, the popular rhyme will continue to do so for many more years to come.


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